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Version1.2.1.0 RC 
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Release Note


1. This software version requires an Nvidia GPU, preferably an Nvidia GTX 1050 or higher, for the best scanning experience.

2. This version can omly import projects from version 1.0 and above. After importing, continue scanning is not supported. view solutions

3. After updating the software and launching it for the first time, please connect the device to backup calibration data.

4. Ensure that the system has Windows Media Player installed, otherwise the software will not launch. view solutions

Major Update

  1. Optimized Data Quality
  2. Improved Scanning Performance
  3. Reduced PC Requirements

Key Features


  1. Supports customizing align mode combination
  2. Supports adjusting resolution of scannced point cloud
  3. Add auto cutting plane
  4. Scan rewind

Powerful edit functions

  1. Switch markers/point clouds edit
  2. Data scaling

Measurement and Alignment

  1. Supports Point clouds/markers measurement
  2. Supports quick alignment and object mover
  3. Add export function for measurement results

 Visual Display

  1. Added switching orthogonal/perspective view
  2. Supports 4 different mesh display types: triangles/ wireframe/ point cloud data/ triangles and wireframes


  1. SHINING 3D Digital Cloud
  2. Compatible with 3Dconnexion CadMouse
  3. Account and more advanced settings
  4. Supports project default path and sadd file dialog box search function

For more information, click here.

Previous Version
OS win
Download LinkDownload Link 1 (Shining 3D Server)
Download Link (Google Drive)
Release NoteFixed some bugs


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