How to activate Einstar on Passport?

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Have you ever struggled to find instructions on how to use your scanner after buying the one you want? Now Shining 3D has created a platform that combines Software Updates, Product Manual, Product Advanced Information and How-to videos. Simply register on Shining 3D passport and bind your scanner, you will have direct access to all the information we have compiled for you to make your scanning journey more enjoyable.


Shining 3D Passport Website:


Now we will show you how to activate the scanner on Shining 3D Passport, using the Einstar as an example.


Register Shining 3D User Account

Create a Shining 3D user account, an account allows you to view all software updates, product manual, product advanced information and how-to videos related to products you are interested in. 

Simply click on and follow the instructions on the page to complete your information. During this process you will need to provide an email or mobile phone number and click on Get Code to obtain a verification code. The validity of the verification code is 10 minutes and you can click again to get a new one if you miss it within 60 seconds. Finally click Sign Up and you will get a Shining 3D User Account!


Bind Product

Bind your products by clicking Bind More Products, choose Product Model and enter your Product Serial No, which can be found on the scanner label. Then you have the access to download EXStar software.


Online Activation

Log in Shining 3D User Account from the pop-up window when launching EXStar and your device is just activated!


Offline Activation

If you want to activate Einstar on a computer with no internet connection, you need to connect Einstar to that computer, start the EXStar software and click on Offline Activation on the home page. Then follow the instructions and Export Request File.


In the next step, you need another computer with an internet connection to assist in the operation. Login Shining 3D Passport and click Offline Activation, and a pop-up window will ask you for the request file. Remember the request file you just got? Just copy it to this computer and upload it, and you'll have an activation file.


Finally, copy the activation file to the computer without internet access and import it to the EXStar software, then offline activation is done!


Other scanner models enjoy the same procedure for activation. If you need additional help, or have other suggestions for Shining 3D Passport, please feel free to contact us!

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