Scan Setting

Following parameters can be set when scanning.


Adjust the brightness for different material / color of the object to get better scan data.

Too highProperToo low

Working distance

Use short working distance to get more detail, but need more time to scan the whole object.

Use long working distance to get large FOV, scan time will be shorter, but will lose some detail of the data.

Scan ModeMinimum distanceMaximum distanceWorking distance range
250mm(Small Object)
>=40mm(Small Object)

Other function

Data Quality IndicatorON/OFFTo indicate the data quality of your scan, help you to get better scan data.
- Only available before generating point cloud.
Texture LED LightON/OFFPlease turn on the LED light when there is not enough light for better texture scanning (This function is enabled by default).
- Only available when texture on
- Cannot change during scanning
Hair ModeON/OFFEasier to scan hair, but also increase data noise.
- Only available in Portrait Scan mode.
- Cannot change during scanning.
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