How to download and update EinStar Software

This article will help you to download, update and firmware update the Einstar Software. With user-friendly software interface, full process scanning guidance, simplified software settings, you can operate the Scanner easily.

Version EXStar_v1.0.6.0.exe

Installing Software

Step 1: Download the Software

Note : 

    For this case the version is EXStar_v1.0.6.0.exe if the number is higher download that version.

  • Save the file in your computer

Step 2: Open the Installation File 

  • Right Click and run the installation file as an Administrator


    Some windows with black background will appear and disappear rapidly, this is perfectly normal.

Step 3: Select the desired language and click “OK”.

Step 4After “EXStar x.x.x.x ” Installation Wizard pops up, click “Next”.


    The video from above will show you the next steps for version, the installation of newer version will be the same as this.

Step 5: On the License interface, click “I accept”.

Step 6: On the Privacy Policy interface, check “I have read and agree to the privacy policy”, and click “Next”. 

Step 7: After selecting the path for the installation, click “Install”. To change installation path, click “Browse” 

Step 8: On the License interface, click “I accept”.

Step 9: Press "Finish"

Optional Step: Allow access to the firewall .


    The software is ready to run, but before you start, make sure that you have the necessary setting in Nvidia Control Panel. For more information you can check Setting up the Graphic Settings

Updating Software

    If you are already using our software, Shining 3D will offer free updates for: better scanning experiences, new features and  resolving bugs. A window will appear, as you can see below, if a new update will be available but only if the computer that uses our software will have an internet connection. 

Step 1:  An reminder will pop up while using our software.

Step 2:  Click "Download Now"

  • The software will automatically download the installation package in the background. 
  • Do not close the software during the download.
  • When the download is completed, a window automatically pops up for users to decide whether the new version shall be installed immediately.

Step 3:  Click “Yes” to start installing the new updates.

Updating Firmware

The firmware is running on the scanner, it will be upgraded for better performance, stability, or bug fixing.

Note :  

    Make sure that the device is powered on during the upgrade; avoid interruption of the upgrade due to power cuts.

Step 1: Click “Yes” to start installing the new firmware.

     When the scanner is connected, the software will automatically detect the firmware. If the firmware does not match, it will prompt you to upgrade the firmware. Click Yes to upgrade.

For more information, visit the User Manual

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