EinStar continues rebooting in device manager

Issue Description

Issue Diagnose

  • Normally, EinStar will appear as “Shining3D - EinStar” in the device manager, when the camera driver is not installed properly, it will become SHINING-CAM


* provide several solutions that may work for different cases

  1. Re-install the software with the administrator right

    1. Check if there is an anti-virus software working in the background, and make sure all antivirus software programs are disabled (Windows defender is fine)

    2. Reinstall the software by right click the installer - Run as administrator

  1. Install the camera driver manually

    1. Installer link: http://share.shining3d.com.cn/f/2f2f8bc8990144739b37/

    2. Unzip it and right-click the install.bat -> Run as administrator

  1. Some computers may have very strict system security restrictions, when you unzip the e10 camera driver.zipinstall.bat will be deleted by the system or run install.bat without response, and then install.bat is deleted

    1. In this case, you can try two methods

      1. Add the following program and script to Windows defender white list, and run Uninstall.bat and then Install.bat with administrator right

        1.        install.bat,

        2.        uninstall.bat,

        3.        rmDrv.bat,

        4.        delRegNode.bat,

        5.        reg.exe,

        6.        pnputil.exe,

        7.        psexec64.exe,

        8.        Xdevcon.exe

        9. Here is the video shows how to add them to the white list: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10U-JmSTFsQ2IYeenD4xrAb5xGaJcKFru/view?usp=sharing

  1. Also, you can install the driver by right click SH3DU3DRIVER.inf -> install

Final Step:

  • Reconnect and reboot the scanner and check the device manager if the scanner appears as Shining3D - EinStar

  • All solutions failed? Contact the support: support.einstar.com

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